RateAcuity™ Delivers National Electricity Rates to Your Fingertips

Gain powerful insight from RateAcuity™’s ability to deliver fast, reliable electric rates from various utilities nationwide. This valuable information allows you to accomplish a wide array of tasks in just a fraction of the time it would take on your own.

Our high level of accuracy provides the electric rate data you need without long hours of searching schedules and tariff documents.

Whether you need to research information on energy charges, analyze rate patterns or conduct any other task that requires commercial electricity rates, RateAcuity can help.

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What Is RateAcuity?

RateAcuity is the best way to gather electricity rates in a convenient, accurate manner. Our business utility rate database provides on-demand electric rate data from across the nation, allowing you or your clients to make decisions without the hours of labor it would usually take to locate information. 

Our RateAcuity team is passionate about data — we want to empower our customers to make well-informed decisions, complete with the most accurate information possible. Using our database to manage utility rates gives you the support of this expert team alongside a robust system of tools.

What Does RateAcuity Do?

RateAcuity’s powerful utility rate database for businesses allows you or your clients to:

  • Analyze trends and patterns.
  • See US and Canada energy rate data
  • Compare electric rate options.
  • Integrate data into your software.
  • View historic rates.
  • Forecast electric utility returns.
  • Pull custom electric rate data reports.

However you plan to use RateAcuity, the detailed information is converted into a human-readable format. Different utility companies write up their rates in various ways, and deciphering these formats takes time.

If you don’t understand it fully, you could be making serious miscalculations or putting the business in hot water. To help with this, we’ve put our years of expertise to use, making our rate information and reports as clear and easy-to-read as possible.

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Our Rate Data Delivery Options

RateAcuity is available in two different formats to make utility and electric rate data analysis simple: 

API: A web-based program or a custom application programming interface (API). This option allows you to download the data and integrate it within existing systems so you can use it however your company sees fit.

Web Portal: Our web-based option that allows you to analyze utility rate data with our database tools.

Read our datasheet to learn more about each of our data delivery options!

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The Benefits of a Utility Rate Database

RateAcuity comes with many benefits for anyone interested in analyzing utility rates:

  • Saves time: Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of RateAcuity is its time-saving capabilities. When searching for rates yourself, you have to sift through a significant amount of data and assemble reports and information. This manpower can be a significant drain on resources.
  • On-demand data: Utility rate data is available precisely when you need it.
  • Most accurate and up-to-date data available: We pride ourselves on the quality of our data, so you benefit from some of the most accurate, updated information out there. We even have a data accuracy program that we share publicly, for complete transparency.
  • Flexible integration: Between API options and our web-based program, you can use RateAcuity in whatever way works best for your company.

Who Uses RateAcuity?

RateAcuity users come from several different industries, such as:

Any business that needs access to electric rate data can benefit from what RateAcuity has to offer.

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If you’re interested in learning more about RateAcuity and what it can do for your business, reach out today! Our knowledgeable experts are happy to help!

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