Electricity & Gas Tariff Database Users

RateAcuity serves the needs of a wide variety of businesses across the energy industry. The users of our electric and gas rate database can include everyone from those who generate and distribute power to research organizations working toward new, alternative energy solutions. However they use the information, RateAcuity is available to provide fast, easy access to highly accurate data.

Top companies rely on the RateAcuity electricity and gas rate database to help drive their business and deliver value to their customers.


Utility Companies

Utility companies are a vital component of the infrastructure of society, and they continuously research the rates and usage of their consumers and the market. These organizations can include publicly owned and investor-owned utility companies and electric cooperatives.


Energy Management Software Developers

Energy management software can do everything from helping companies keep track of their utility usage to controlling an entire building’s worth of equipment. Developers need to spend time developing, not researching. They can use our on-demand electricity and gas rate data to inform analytics, benchmarking, monitoring and reporting functions in their programming.



Energy service companies (ESCOs) play an important role in bringing renewable energy to consumers. They often take on the designing, developing and building of large projects to help businesses adopt energy-efficient practices or renewable energy sources. Data can help them illustrate the difference that renewable energy can make for a company as well as assist with client or market research.


Alternative Energy Providers

As renewable energy becomes more attainable and successful, providers must deliver that energy to the public. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, at least 50% of electricity customers have an option to buy renewable electricity from their existing supplier.

Whether an alternative energy provider stands alone or is also a traditional energy supplier, RateAcuity is an excellent resource. These energy companies often use rate data to identify things like green pricing and incentives, as well as conduct cost analyses of renewable energy sources.


Meter and Equipment Suppliers

Meter and equipment suppliers are a big part of maintaining the relationship between the provider and consumer. These organizations can benefit from collecting utility rate data for businesses. They might need to know details about how much electricity will be moving through the meters or how providers with different pricing options affect demand. Product offerings, designs and marketing can be better informed with real-world data.


System Integrators

System integrators must combine various components into one cohesive system — an important job that appears more often as things like building automation become more widespread. To create an efficient system, they’ll need to gather various information, such as historical data and comparative numbers, to aid in their analyses. Data like this can help them understand requirements and combine subsystems more effectively.


Research Organizations

Research organizations rely heavily on data. Whether researching renewable energies, economic impacts of utility pricing or some other energy-related topic, software for electric or gas rate researchers can be invaluable. It saves precious time and can make the process much smoother and more cost-effective.



Energy consultants need to have a wide range of knowledge on different topics, and electricity and gas rate data is an essential part of the job. They might use this information to create personalized bids and grow their clientele or conduct research for their various customers. The applications are wide-reaching.


RateAcuity Delivers Accurate Electricity & Gas Rate Data for Businesses

Whichever industry you’re in, RateAcuity provides benefits like speed, accuracy and an easy-to-use interface to a variety of companies. Learn more about RateAcuity’s powerful advantages or contact us for more information today.

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