Audit & Analyze Utility Rates with RateAcuity

Auditing utility rate schedules often feels like navigating through a thick forest due to the need to manually collect utility bill information. The process involves identifying the appropriate rates, transferring data into spreadsheets manually or retyping it when copying isn't an option, and then meticulously comparing the two to unearth any discrepancies. This intensive manual effort can consume a considerable portion of your morning just for a single audit of one utility rate schedule, and the manual data entry aspect opens the door to potential human errors.

When it comes to analyzing utility rate schedules, the task requires examining historical rates, identifying changes over time, and predicting future rates. This endeavor is equally time-consuming, as it necessitates collecting data for the entire state. It soon becomes apparent that utilities employ various terms to describe identical components of a utility rate schedule, necessitating a standardization of all collected data. This standardization process further extends the time required before the actual analysis can begin.

But there’s a better way—the RateAcuity way

Adopting a utility rate database like RateAcuity significantly enhance the speed, thoroughness, and accuracy of auditing and analyzing utility rate schedules. Our database, covering both natural gas and electricity rates, offers immediate access to nationwide rate data, streamlining decision-making processes that traditionally would require extensive manual research.

RateAcuity is designed to simplify data gathering, providing access to a wider range of data points with minimal effort. Whether you need 20 or 100 data points, retrieving this information from a database is a matter of a few clicks, allowing for the swift importation of months of historical data into your spreadsheets without the need for manual data entry.

A key benefit of using RateAcuity lies in its precision. Unlike some government sources that offer blended rates—an average rate per utility or state—our database provides actual rates for each schedule, ensuring the accuracy necessary for detailed analysis.

The primary advantage of RateAcuity, though, is that it liberates you, the skilled analyst, from the tedious task of manual data collection. With RateAcuity, there is no need for copying, pasting, or retyping data. You easily locate the schedules you need and download them in an Excel format with just a few clicks. This efficiency transforms hours of work into mere minutes, commonly eliminating the need for a morning spent on manual data gathering. This shift allows analysts to focus their skills and efforts on analysis rather than on preliminary tasks.

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