Data Solutions for Commercial Energy Consultants

Energy consultants fill a vital role for many businesses by bringing their expertise on all things energy to the table. These consultants often work in the field and the boardroom, with an ability to turn insights into actionable plans to help businesses meet their goals. They might help a company reduce their utility usage, switch to renewable energy or find lower rates, among other tasks. Unsurprisingly, many of the responsibilities of an energy consultant involve working with utility rates.

Data reporting software for energy consultants must be accurate, easy to use and understandable so they can work efficiently and provide trustworthy results. Fortunately, when it comes to electricity and gas rate data for energy consultants, RateAcuity can help.

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Working With Energy Rate Data

Those who work with energy consultants expect a few different things. They want someone who:

  • Is well-informed, with current numbers and information on market trends.
  • Knows how to analyze the variety of data that comes with utilities and use it to gather valuable insights.
  • Can find ways to save money and work efficiently, without excessive costs or an extended deadline.

For an energy consultant to offer all of these benefits, they need to have the right resources.

Energy rate data isn’t all the same — the source of the data can make or break a project or analysis. If an energy consultant works with information from an outdated source, their work becomes inaccurate, even if it was correct just a few days ago. It is critical to ensure that this data is accurate, up to date and easy to understand.

Energy consultants might use their data to get a better view of the market and understand its trends. They might also use the data to analyze and compare usage and rates, finding the best prices for their clients with plenty of information about the possibilities.


The Benefits of Providing Electric & Gas Rate Data to Consultants

When resources for energy management consultants are readily available, the consultants can dive into action and more quickly answer their clients’ questions and needs. For instance, if a company uses an on-demand utility rate database for energy consultants, they can simply log in and gather the data they need, saving hours of manual research time. They can then devote this time to other parts of their projects or reaching out to new clients.

Other benefits of accessible data reporting software for energy consultants include:

  • More trustworthy results: If a consultant has a poor track record due to bad data, it’s going to be tougher for them to produce good results.
  • Results that are easy to read: Even if the results are accurate, the variety of reporting methods from different providers can be difficult to interpret. Standardized reports can make data much more readable.
  • A more enjoyable workday: Between integration options, user-friendly programming and report generation, consultants can find their workday moving much more smoothly.

With benefits like these, consultants can spend more time growing the business and focusing on delivering more value to their clients.


Data Solutions for Energy Consultants

If you’re looking for just the right utility rate database for energy consultants, RateAcuity checks all the boxes. RateAcuity is available in an application programming interface (API) or a web portal and is complete with highly accurate data, human-readable standardized reports and consistently monitored and updated tariff information.

RateAcuity is an excellent choice for utility rate data solutions for energy consultants. Contact us today to get started or read our datasheet for more information.

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