The RateAcuity™ Web Portal

Customized energy data reporting can offer substantial benefits for many industries, including energy providers, energy management software developers, utility services and research organizations. When you need fast, reliable data, RateAcuity makes it easy through a responsive web portal application.

The RateAcuity web portal works anywhere you have an internet connection and can help you generate, view and analyze reports whenever you need them, without hours of manual research. Plus, with RateAcuity's high level of accuracy, you can trust these results to be correct and up to date.

Let's take a closer look at the Web Portal and how it can help you get electricity rate data reports hassle-free.

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Electricity & Gas Rate Data Reports Online

RateAcuity's customized utility rate data set is available anywhere you have an internet connection. Currently, its features include:

  • Self-service searching: Find data on-demand when you need it with easy-access search features. You won't need to wait for someone to gather the information and reply back, but can instead access everything yourself.
  • Report generation for electric rate data: RateAcuity can generate reports for custom views of rate data in easy-to-understand formats.
  • Standardized Excel reports: RateAcuity uses a standard format that's easy to read for all schedules created. It places all possible output columns in the same layout, populating all the relevant cells.
  • Historical tracking: In addition to current rates, you can view historical information. Many organizations use this kind of data for analyses forecasting.
  • Individual effective dates: Every rate table component has an individual effective date, including in the Web Portal benchmark and history reports.
  • Change reporting: If changes are made to a schedule, you can generate a .csv report to display each component in the schedule and any changes made over time.

Here is a video to show how reports are generated in the RateAcuity Web Portal:


The Benefits of Online Electricity & Gas Rate Data

Online access to electricity and gas rate data allows you to get the information you need quickly – when making critical business decisions or meeting deadlines, time is of the essence. If you can minimize the amount of time it takes to gather data, you can save labor costs, start new projects, make room for more important priorities and keep things moving with little interruption.

Plus, you can access the data from any device with an internet connection. Need to check something while in the field? Use a mobile device to search for data quickly.

This high level of data access, along with the accuracy you can expect from RateAcuity, allows organizations to explore the information and find new insights. Current reports offer market analysis and assist with auditing, while historic data allows you to see trends and conduct performance analysis, among other tasks.

History Reports can be used to compare current rates with past rates at intervals over time. Easily export data into an excel spreadsheet and compare rates using our database. 

Watch the video below to learn how to pull History Reports from our database!

Energy Rate Data From RateAcuity

All of the customized energy data reporting on the web portal comes from the high accuracy, widespread coverage and continual monitoring of RateAcuity. We maintain a data accuracy program and stay on top of tariff changes. We have over 40 years of experience in dynamic data and support a wide array of companies in reaching their energy goals.

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