Benefits of RateAcuity’s Electric & Natural Gas Rate Database

RateAcuity Tracks Electricity & Natural Gas Tariffs for You

If your work involves energy data, your team likely spends hours at their computers each week searching for utility rate documents and hunting down the data they need. Fortunately, there’s a better way. RateAcuity gives you and your team a better way to access electricity and natural gas rate data.

RateAcuity is a highly accurate and cost-effective solution for your electric and natural gas rate data needs. And it comes with world class support. Here are the top reasons to use the RateAcuity platform.

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If the rate data you implement is not accurate, it could have severe consequences for your end users. Fortunately, RateAcuity’s electric and gas databases are highly accurate, making them a trusted information source.

We maintain a data accuracy program to check that we’re offering information that’s as close to perfect as possible.

Our team is made up of expert rate analysts, and we have over 40 years of dynamic data experience to support your data accuracy needs.

Every change entered to the RateAcuity database is made by an experienced team member, and is verified by our quality assurance procedures.

cost effective


RateAcuity’s products provide a high return on investment. The resources your team saves by using RateAcuity instead of searching for utility rate documents, locating needed rate components and entering them into your systems easily covers the RateAcuity subscription fee.

Labor costs are typically one of the highest expenses for our customers. Even small time savings result in large rewards.

Additionally, the time your team saves by using RateAcuity can be used for the activities that focus on your core functions. Your company has its area of expertise—and it’s not locating energy rate data. But locating energy rate data is RateAcuity’s area of expertise and passion, so let us do it for you.



As the pace of change in utility tariffs increases, electric and natural gas rate data must constantly be monitored and updated to remain up to date.

Your RateAcuity team continually monitors utility documents and websites to make necessary changes to our database as quickly as possible.

Many times, updated utility rates are available through the RateAcuity products on the same day the information is published to the public.

easy to use

Easy to Use Web Portal

RateAcuity has made electric and natural gas databases easy to access and integrate, with several product options to choose from.

With our Web Portal, you access and implement RateAcuity energy rates in whichever way works best for each purpose.

The RateAcuity Web Portal enables users to generate a report of any electric or gas utility schedule on demand. It also provides an easy-to-read, standardized report that you download to Excel for ease of use.

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Easy Integration

The RateAcuity API enables electric and natural gas rate data to be implemented directly within your own systems.

This is a great option when you have large volumes of energy rate data needs.

Our development team is available assist you with the information you need to integrate the RateAcuity API directly with your tools.

unparalleled support

Unparalleled Support

The RateAcuity team delivers unparalleled support whenever and wherever you need it.

Whether you have a question about rates, or detailed technical implementation questions, we are here to help.

We engage with you regularly – before you sign, as you begin implementation, and on-going.

Partnering with you to ensure you get the best experience possible is one of the things we like doing best.

Ready for the better way to access electricity and natural gas rate data?