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If your work requires the use of data for current electricity or gas rates or historical utility rate data, rely on RateAcuity. Save time and money through trustworthy, easy-to-use and understandable information.

RateAcuity provides powerful insight into the electricity and gas rates from various utilities across the country. RateAcuity is a reliable electric and gas database source of information that is constantly updated to ensure you have the most current rate details. Compare and report on rate options, analyze patterns and trends and easily translate kW and kWh into dollars with RateAcuity.

Our accurate electricity and gas utility rate database puts the data you need at your fingertips, saving you and your staff many hours spent searching tariff schedules and documents. Our experienced, onshore researchers standardize all tariffs, riders and variations into data that is precise, easy to use and comprehensive.

Our Electricity & Gas Rate Data Options

The RateAcuity database is available in two formats so you can select the best one for your existing workflow:

Web Portal: With our easy-to-use web portal, users can access RateAcuity anywhere they have internet access. It’s an excellent choice for on-the-go users, those that may use RateAcuity infrequently or applications where data needs change every time you log on.

Application programming interface (API): Our API can integrate with existing company apps and for data access, where and when your employees and customers need it. The API joins up with your workflow and can speed things up by keeping the database access within one app, eliminating the need to transfer data over or switch programs. Your end-user customers will also benefit from the easy integration of the API option into your existing software, making it a convenient option.


How RateAcuity Benefits Its Users

With this array of features, it’s not surprising that RateAcuity has wide-reaching benefits, including:

  • Improving productivity: RateAcuity can save your employees and customers hours of manually searching for rate data and entering it into a spreadsheet. Instead, RateAcuity offers this information with just a few clicks, which frees up your employees to spend more time on the big picture, making better use of their skilled labor. It saves you money, since they’re spending less time on mundane tasks, and it can make your projects more efficient.
  • Easy-to-understand formatting: When reports are standardized and information is easy to read, employees are less likely to make mistakes. They can quickly compare data points and understand what they’re looking at.
  • Reliable data: We pride ourselves on providing accurate and up-to-date information. With over 40 years of dynamic data experience, we know how to find reliable, trustworthy information and relay that to your employees and customers. Trustworthy data allows you to make decisions quickly, without second-guessing or worrying about whether it all checks out. Get peace of mind with RateAcuity.

Electric rate database - RateAcuity

What You Can Do With RateAcuity

Clients use RateAcuity in many different ways. From simply finding rates to supporting complex analyses, this powerful database is an excellent way to expand your use of data.

With RateAcuity, you can:

  • Search current, regularly updated rates from utilities nationwide. We keep our information up-to-date, so you can expect accurate and applicable data for current electricity or gas rates.
  • Search for historical utility rate data. Whether you need past rates for audits, analysis, utility rate forecasting or something else, RateAcuity keeps track of them.
  • Analyze trends and patterns. With robust reporting features and access to an expansive collection of past and present data, you can use RateAcuity to conduct many different types of analysis.
  • Compare rate options. Rate Acuity allows you to compare different rates quickly and easily from a variety of providers.
  • Translate kW and kWh into dollars. Turn your research into cold, hard numbers with easily understandable, custom reports and information that allows you to identify the real-world effects of electricity or gas usage and rates.

Check out our datasheet to learn more about RateAcuity and how clients use it.


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