RateAcuity Tracks Electricity & Gas Tariffs For You!

If your work involves energy data, your employees might spend hours at a computer each week pulling up rates and finding the information they need. Fortunately, there’s a quicker way. RateAcuity™ can help you and your staff gather accurate electricity and gas rate data with ease and speed.
RateAcuity™ is an easy-to-use and convenient data resource that tracks electricity and gas rate tariffs for you and delivers results you can trust! Our program is backed by expert support and near-perfect accuracy ratings.


1. Accurate

If your data isn’t accurate, who knows what’s in store for your project? Depending on the nature of your work, it could have disastrous consequences. Fortunately, RateAcuity provides comprehensive and accurate data, making it a trusted and convenient information source. We maintain a data accuracy program to check that we’re offering information that’s as close to perfect as possible. Our team is made up of expert rate analysts, and we have over 40 years of dynamic data experience to support our reliable electricity and gas rate data reporting.

The high accuracy of RateAcuity gives you:

  • More than a “snapshot in time” with consistently refreshed tariff data  and the ability to access historical electric rates.
  • Immediate answers to your questions about tariffs.
  • Accelerated decision-making with on-demand tariff data you can trust.


2. Cost-Effectiveness

RateAcuity™ provides a high return on investment. The high degree of accuracy enables you to rely on it, even for revenue-grade tasks, and the productivity improvements can save you significantly on labor costs. RateAcuity™ provides value and peace of mind because:

  • The highly specialized task of electricity tariff analysis is offloaded from your employees to our experienced, on-shore researchers, freeing your staff for other business growth activities.
  • Automated monitoring ensures you stay current with tariff changes.
  • You can rest easy knowing decisions are based on tariff data expertly reviewed by experienced researchers.


3. Timeliness

As the pace of change in utility tariffs increases, tariff data must constantly be refreshed to remain accurate and timely. In addition to continuous monitoring, RateAcuity offers fast access, so you can reach the information you need to make quick business decisions without delay.

RateAcuity™ keeps you up-to-date with:

  • Seasoned, onshore researchers who standardize all tariffs, riders, and variations into data that is comprehensive and precise.
  • A proven, iterative data scrubbing process that delivers data veracity.
  • An easy-to-use, convenient data resource that tracks tariffs for you and delivers results you can trust.

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4. Ease of Integration

Part of what allows RateAcuity to be so timely and cost-effective is how easy it is to use. We’ve made this database for reliable utility rate data available in multiple formats, so you can access it in the way that works best for your workflow. With our Web Portal and our application programming interface (API), businesses can implement RateAcuity however they need.

In addition to having several options for accessing the database, RateAcuity can:

  • Generate custom reports in standardized, readable formats.
  • Provide data integrated into corporate applications all from the same reliable electricity rate data reporting database as our Web Portal.
  • Be used with almost no training.


5. Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of RateAcuity is its ability to boost productivity. When employees can get accurate business electricity and gas rates at the press of a button, they don’t need to spend hours manually researching the same information. It’s easy to imagine how all this extra time benefits a company.

Employees can spend their time working on more important things and focusing on the big picture, while the company can save money on the costs of labor for that employee to finish the time-consuming task.

RateAcuity helps boost efficiency through:

  • On-demand and accurate electricity and gas rate data for locations across the United States and Canada.
  • Implementation options that can be accessed quickly.
  • Automatically generated custom reports that can minimize or eliminate data entry requirements.


6. Partners

We are committed to building sustainable relationships with our customers. We will work with you and your team to ensure that the integration of RateAcuity into your process is seamless and that we deliver the data your business needs to provide value to your customers.


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Energy management, utility providers, research companies and many other businesses need to work with accurate electricity rate data. Our database for reliable utility rate data helps our clients reach new levels of productivity and savings through powerful features, accurate information and 24/7 customer support.

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