RateAcuity™ is an easy-to-use and convenient data resource that tracks electricty rate tariffs for you and delivers results you can trust!

Comprehensive and accurate data makes RateAcuity™ a trusted and convenient information source. RateAcuity™ gives you:

  • More than a “snapshot in time” with consistently refreshed tariff data  and ability to access historical electric rates
  • Immediate answers to your questions about tariffs
  • Accelerated decision-making with tariff data you can trust
Cost Effective

RateAcuity™ provides a high return on investment. The high degree of accuracy enables you to rely on it, even for revenue-grade tasks. RateAcuity™ provides value and peace of mind because:

  • The highly specialized task of electricity tariff analysis is offloaded from your employees to our experienced, on-shore researchers, freeing your staff for other business growth activities
  • Automated monitoring ensures you stay current with tariff changes
  • Rest easy knowing decisions are based on tariff data expertly reviewed by experienced researchers

As the pace of change in utility tariffs increases, tariff data must constantly be refreshed to remain accurate and timely. RateAcuity™ keeps you up-to-date with:

  • Seasoned, onshore researchers who standardize all tariffs, riders, and variations into data that is comprehensive and precise.
  • A proven, iterative data scrubbing process that delivers data veracity.
  • An easy-to-use, convenient data resource that tracks tariffs for you and delivers results you can trust.

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