40 Years of Experience in Dynamic Data Environments

KFR Services provides an electricity and natural gas rate database, RateAcuity™, that gives our clients insight into the costs for different tariffs and schedules from electric and natural gas utilities across North America. We leverage our staff of expert rate analysts and our 40 years of experience in dynamic data environments to monitor electricity tariffs and natural gas rates so that we deliver the most accurate and up-to-date rates to the energy and telecommunications industries.

Rates and Schedules for Investor-Owned Utilities, Municipal Utilities, and Electric Cooperatives

Since 1975, KFR Services has produced the highest quality data for telecommunications service providers throughout the country. Experience and expertise earns KFR the reputation as the most accurate telecom database provider in the industry. RateAcuity™ includes rates for small to medium commercial and industrial service up to 500 kW, and residential service including demand response programs, stand-by and interruptible service.

KFR Services is led by an experienced team. In fact, team members have an average tenure of 15 years with the company.

Kim Russo | Co-President


Co-president Kim photo

Kim joined KFR in 1993 and oversees sales and marketing. She graduated magna cum laude from Montclair State University and has contributed to publications such as Telecommunications Magazine, Phones Plus Magazine and the Network Manager’s Handbook. She also delivered the Keynote address at the 2008 Conference of the International Association for Information and Data Quality. Kim is a recognized business leader, who was honored by The Charleston Regional Business Journal as one of the “Forty Under 40”.

Stephanie Fetchen | Co-President


stephanie Rate Acuity

Stephanie graduated magna cum laude from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She started as a programmer at KFR in 1991. Currently, she directs all oversight of software development activities; including program specification and design, scheduling, coding and testing. She also developed and champions the data quality program that has enabled accuracy exceeding 99.98% for product delivered to customers. That success led to Stephanie’s invitation to deliver the keynote address at the 2008 Conference of the International Association for Information and Data Quality.

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