Utility Rate Navigator

RateAcuity’s Utility Rate Navigator service examines each schedule within a utility to determine which schedule best fits your custom needs. You select which utilities are reviewed, and provide the criteria for the service needed.  RateAcuity delivers a customized research report that features the schedule best suited to your needs, and monthly costs based on the usage information you provided. With this report, you easily compare the cost of service at various locations, enabling you to make strategic decisions about where to locate services, and determine the priority of roll out for large-scale projects.

Report Sample:

Energy Usage, kWh: 5000 Demand Usage, kW: 250
Utility Energy Charge Demand Charge Service Charge Total Charge
Bolivar Energy Authority 0.06626 18.71 268.54 $5,277.34
City of Greenville 0.11117 12.73 50 $3,788.35
Columbia Power & Water 0.11017 9.664 65.76 $3,032.61
EPB of Chattanooga 0.11848 13.08 15.9 $3,878.30
McMinnville Electric System 0.10371 10.824 188.63 $3,413.18

RateAcuity’s Utility Rate Navigator service is particularly useful for those involved in the electric vehicle infrastructure and charging station industry, as well as other industries that need to make informed service-location decisions. You have a convenient and hassle-free way to compare the cost of electricity within chosen utilities, providing a clear understanding of electric rates at various locations. You no longer need to waste time finding and evaluating tariff data to determine the best rates for your usage. Instead, you rely on RateAcuity to give you the information you need in a timely and efficient manner.

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