Accurate and Fast Electricity Rate & Natural Gas Data for EV Infrastructure Firms

Are you part of the EV Charging revolution?

Creating a national electric vehicle network available to communities across America is a critical part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that was passed in 2021. The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program is making huge amounts of funding available to meet the goals of the Law.

  • Are you trying to decide how to best leverage this unique funding opportunity?
  • Trying to decide what states or areas in which to place new charging stations to help this important step towards making EVs feasible for all Americans?
  • Once a charging station location is determined, how do you know what the ongoing charges from the electric utility will be?
  • Underlying costs can vary greatly depending on where the charging station is located.

RateAcuity can help.

RateAcuity is the North American utility rate database that provides accurate, timely, and convenient access to natural gas and electric tariffs in the United States and Canada. RateAcuity eliminates the time-consuming, cumbersome, error-prone process of searching for gas and electric rate schedules and tariff documents manually.

Our suite of products provides a comprehensive solution of North American utility rates. Our database can help determine which states to target and how much specific on-going costs a station will have from the utility.

President’s Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed in November of 2021, opens many doors to improving public safety, climate concerns, and employment opportunities across the country. In support of this IIJA, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has developed the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. In order to create and support Alternative Fuel Corridors across the nation NEVI has committed billions in order to fund the program.

This funding will provide unique opportunities towards making electric vehicles (EVs) feasible for all Americans. As Alternative Fuel Corridors continue to be developed and EV charging station placement determined, underlying electric costs could potentially become a factor to a company’s ROI once all planned 500k EV chargers are placed by 2030. However, while in the interest of streamlining the reliability and availability of DC chargers to consumers, NEVI may leave many companies deliberating on how to strategically utilize the funding.

While not all utilities are synonymous, RateAcuity is just that. Our suite of products efficiently provides a comprehensive solution to nationwide utility rates. Our database can assist teams in quickly determining which states to target and specific costs a station will have from the associated utility. The future is charged, let RateAcuity amplify it!