JIS energy llc strives to offer energy design software solutions that bring the world one step closer to achieving the Net-Zero carbon future.  JIS energy LLC began its mission in April of 2020 with a vision for developing very much needed design and development tools that competitors are not interested in addressing – tools that propel the energy project process to the next level.  CogenS is the first product that speaks to the mission.  The primary driver for developing CogenS was how the Combined Heat and Power development process was scattered without a single tool to consolidate all the needed input and output.

RebateBus is a comprehensive rebate database.  From lightbulbs to charging stations for electric vehicles, RebateBus helps you identify and process rebates so your customers save money and you generate more sales. RebateBus also processes energy rebates.  RebateBus believes in the value of providing affordable energy to everyone.  Everyone deserves EASY & QUICK access to rebates especially in situations of equity and low income.

Understanding the utility rate structure of a facility is critical for managing energy costs and optimizing operations. Trove Consulting helps you take control of your utility costs with custom rate analysis services and advanced software tools. The Tariff Builder App makes it easy for any SkySpark® user or integrator to add detailed electric cost modeling to their analytics platform. Choose from 12,000+ utility tariffs in the rate database and use the app’s powerful toolset to create and maintain accurate cost models.

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