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When it's time to review utility rates, plenty of businesses waste time and money reinventing the wheel. Employees can spend hours at a computer finding up-to-date, accurate utility data, using valuable time and company resources. But that work isn't necessary, because we've already done it for you.

RateAcuity™ is an electric and gas schedule database that offers the utmost accuracy and up-to-date information. With access to an electric and gas utility rate database, you can save hundreds of dollars and hours of employee time that would otherwise be spent finding the right data for your needs. Our database for utility rate reporting puts this information at your employees' fingertips.


How RateAcuity Can Help

RateAcuity is a time-saving, reliability boosting tool that helps clients accomplish a wide variety of goals through wide-reaching benefits:

  • It speeds up the research process. One of the most frustrating parts of utility research is simply how long it can take. The process is time-consuming, costing you valuable employee labor and taking away from more important work. The boost in productivity alone allows RateAcuity to offer a high return on investment.
  • It aids in finding reliable results. Every time someone researches data, there's an opportunity for error. Our goal is to keep 99.999% accuracy as a six-month average, so you can rely on RateAcuity to support your research and ensure it is trustworthy and accurate.
  • It ensures all information is up to date. A big component of accuracy is having data that encompasses all of the latest rates. Without that, you're working with outdated information. We monitor rates and tariffs on a daily basis for trustworthy information.
  • It provides an easy-to-use interface. RateAcuity is easy to navigate, use and understand. We make sure data is delivered in a readable and comprehensive fashion, making it as fast as possible to find what you need. We also offer integration via our web-based interface or a custom application programming interface (API), so you can incorporate RateAcuity however it works best for you.

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Our Data Accuracy Program

As a testament to RateAcuity's high level of accuracy, we share the results of our data accuracy program, which we've been running since January 2020. As of January 2023, our metrics are as follows:

Current Rate Schedule Accuracy Stats as of May 2023:

  • One Month: 99.999%
  • Six Months: 99.999%
  • One Year: 99.999%


How Our Clients Use RateAcuity

The users of RateAcuity come from many different sectors of industry, including utility companies, alternative energy providers, meter and equipment suppliers, research organizations and many others. Some of the ways they use RateAcuity include:

  • Generating custom reports. RateAcuity offers quick and easy generation of electric and gas rate data reports, something that many organizations need to use regularly.
  • Auditing and analyzing electric and gas rate schedules. Many clients, like utility companies, need to audit and analyze utility rate schedules. RateAcuity can do it quickly.
  • Integrating RateAcuity into existing applications. With a RateAcuity API in place, employees can access and pull from the database smoothly and efficiently, in tandem with their workflow.
  • Historical data tracking. Whether conducting research or auditing performance, finding historical data is necessary for many applications.
  • General research. Making decisions about smart energy usage and future plans is dependent on real-world information. An easily accessible database makes it easy to find, understand and analyze utility rate data.

Whatever industry you work in, RateAcuity is committed to building sustainable relationships with our customers. We will work with you and your team to ensure the integration of RateAcuity into your process is seamless and that we deliver the data your business needs to provide value to your customers.


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