Providing the most up to date, accurate data is in our DNA.  We understand data is dynamic, not static.  Our on-shore analysts monitor electricity rates daily to ensure our data is up to date each day, every day.

Ease of Integration                      

RateAcuity™ electricity rate data easily integrates into existing applications and reports via API.  Or choose our user-friendly web-based interface for self-service searches and report generation.  Either way, we save you time and guarantee you we will be providing your customers with the most up to date and accurate data so they can make decisions quickly and confidently.


RateAcuity™ provides a high return on investment. The high degree of accuracy enables you to rely on it even for revenue grade tasks. The highly specialized task of electricity tariff analysis is off-loaded from your employees to our experienced on shore researchers freeing your staff for other business growth opportunities.


We are committed to building sustainable relationships with our customers.  We will work with you and your team to ensure the integration of RateAcuity™ into your process is seamless and that we deliver the data your business needs to provide value to your customers.

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