Electric and Utility Rate Data for Alternative Energy Providers

As renewable energy has become more and more viable, getting it to the consumer is just another piece of the puzzle. Alternative energy providers (AEPs) are the ones that get these energies to businesses and residences around the world. Whether providing power from solar, wind, nuclear reactions or another alternative source, AEPs play a vital part in making the switch to green energy realistic and cost-effective.

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AEPs and Rate Data

Alternative energy providers need to conduct a lot of research, which typically comes in the form of rate data. To make gathering this data as easy as possible, consider RateAcuity. RateAcuity is an easy-to-use electricity database for alternative energy providers, complete with high accuracy and helpful reporting features.

AEPs may need to research how their products compare to traditional sources of electricity or how their rates have changed over time. Information like this can help them find the best rates for profitability and customer value, as well as explore the power of incentives and specific initiatives.


The Benefits of RateAcuity for AEPs

RateAcuity can meet many needs through productivity-boosting, accurate utility data for alternative energy providers. Some of the benefits of using RateAcuity include:

  • Higher efficiency: When employees spend hours researching rate data for renewable energy providers, they’re spending their valuable time on a mundane task. Instead, you could free them up to focus on the project or other more important work.
  • Cost savings: RateAcuity offers a high return on investment. Instead of using your skilled workers’ labor on such a time-consuming task, they can access the same data with just a few clicks. Plus, it’s reliable, so you can be confident in the results and make important business decisions quickly.
  • Better accuracy: Inaccurate data can make or break alternative energy research. We maintain a data accuracy program to ensure our information is as close to perfect as possible and supports the important work that AEPs do. The peace of mind that comes from the accuracy of our utility data for alternative energy providers is priceless.
  • Easy report generation: Another time-consuming task that RateAcuity eliminates is data entry. RateAcuity offers data reporting for alternative energy providers in a standardized, easy-to-read format that saves time and provides information that’s easy to interpret.
  • Flexible access: RateAcuity is available in an integrated application programming interface (API) or as a web portal. AEPs can access data in the way that works best for them. If employees use a corporate application, you can integrate RateAcuity for quick and easy access to the entire database.

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RateAcuity Data Solutions for AEPs

Between its unparalleled convenience and high levels of accuracy, RateAcuity is the ideal data solution for gathering utility data for alternative energy providers. We use on-shore expert rate analysts who have been working with dynamic data for years, and each client receives dedicated account management. To learn more about RateAcuity, request a free 14-day trial or contact us today.

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