Access RateAcuity™ data via API for seamless integration into existing applications and reports.

Our API option gives you access to our complete electric schedule database. The data is pulled into your platform on demand, so you always have the most current and accurate rates. This removes the need for your staff to search for and analyze rates and the API option eliminates the need for data entry of those rate tables to drive your software.

The RateAcuity API can return data in JSON or XML formats.  There are also options available that provide current rates as well as historical rate information.

Web Portal

Our user friendly interface enables self-service searches and report generation.

The RateAcuity web portal is meant for research teams to access individual rate schedules.  A rate schedule can be viewed as a web page, or can be generated as an excel report.  Options include viewing just current rate information, or using excel reports to include historical information.