Electric & Gas Rate Schedule Database Access Options

When you need a commercial tariff rate database for utilities, you need something that’s easy to access. That’s why we’ve made sure that RateAcuity delivery options include an application programming interface (API) and a user-friendly web portal. Both offer an electric and utility rate dataset and standardized reporting on-demand, so you can expect understandable, fast information precisely when you need it.

Each option offers specific benefits for different types of workflows, but they both pull from the same powerful database that provides cost-effective, reliable and time-saving information. With its staff of data experts, RateAcuity maintains near-perfect accuracy and is continually monitoring for changes to our commercial tariff rate database. You can get dependable and understandable data no matter which way you gather it.

By making business utility rate data in the U.S. and Canada easy to access and understand, we’ve made it simpler for companies to make trustworthy, data-driven decisions. Both options make it fast and easy to get relevant information, eliminating the need for employees to waste time on manual data entry or research. With our API and Web Portal, users can access RateAcuity in the way that aligns best with their workflow.

The RateAcuity API

Access RateAcuity’s business utility rate data via API for seamless integration into existing applications and reports.

Our API option gives you access to our complete nationwide electric and gas schedule database in a way that works for you. The data is pulled into your platform on-demand, so you always have the most current and accurate rates. This integration removes the need for your staff to search for and analyze rates and eliminates the need for data entry of those rate tables to drive your software.

The RateAcuity API can return data in JSON or XML formats.  There are also options available that provide current rates as well as historical rate information. The API gives access to the complete database and features of RateAcuity.

Using the API is a good choice if you find that your employees spend a lot of time on repetitive manual research or data entry and your company has its own application. The biggest advantage of the API is that it is a massive time-saver. If you can integrate the API into your existing workflow or application, you can make sure your employees spend as little time as possible researching utility rate data.

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The RateAcuity Web Portal

Our user-friendly interface enables self-service searches and report generation for utility rate data. It can be accessed anywhere you can access the internet and allows you to download all of your generated reports.

The RateAcuity web portal is meant for research teams to access individual rate schedules.  A rate schedule can be viewed as a web page or be generated as an Excel report.  Options include viewing just current rate information, or using Excel reports to include historical information.

The web portal is an excellent choice if you don’t have an application in place or your needs vary widely each time you use it. This RateAcuity delivery option can generate comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports and show all the data you need when you need it – no waiting for results to come back from time-consuming manual searches. Web portals are also great for on-the-go access. If you’ve got an internet connection, you can get to RateAcuity’s nationwide electricity and gas utility rate database.


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Regardless of how you choose to access the database, you’ll gain the benefits of RateAcuity’s high level of accuracy and consistent monitoring for up-to-date information. We have decades of experience in dynamic data and understand just what goes into your energy research needs.

Both the API and the Web Portal give you on-demand data that can eliminate time-consuming research and data entry tasks, saving your employees time, boosting productivity and saving you money. It’s an excellent way to improve operations for a variety of energy-focused organizations.

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