Electric & Natural Gas Rate Database for Energy-Management Software Firms

As energy solutions become more complex, energy industry software must evolve as well, and this field is growing each year. With all the work that goes into software development, you need all the time you can get with these projects. If you’d like to include electric or natural gas rates in your product, you don’t want to waste time gathering the data. Spending hours researching energy utility rates isn’t doing anyone any favors when it comes to meeting deadlines and developing successful software.

One way to avoid this extra research and data entry is to use a database that’s already done it for you. RateAcuity™ is a powerful resource for energy-management software firms that provides on-demand, accurate data wherever they need it, whether for themselves or the end user.

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How Software Engineers Use Utility Rate Data

  • Benchmarking
  • Verifying rates
  • Displaying rates to users
  • Assigning costs to energy consumption
  • Letting users compare usage rates
  • Making in-app calculations based on current rates

RateAcuity offers a wide selection of accurate, updated and easy-to-access data for software engineers, so they can spend more time focusing on the big picture and offering insights to users.

The Benefits of RateAcuity Data Reports for Energy Software Developers

In addition to offering vital data that software engineers need, RateAcuity comes with a variety of other benefits and resources. These advantages include:

  • Minimizing time-consuming research:There are much more valuable ways your team can spend their time besides researching electricity or gas rate data. You can improve productivity, helping reach goals faster, and save money since you won’t be paying highly skilled workers to complete mundane tasks.
  • Eliminating manual data entry:Manual data entry is eliminated when you use RateAcuity, which can generate custom data reports quickly and easily. RateAcuity also offers an application programming interface (API), so you can integrate it with your applications and offer valuable insights to clients with just a click.
  • Additional client-facing features:With the API, you can provide your users with powerful new features and information, adding greater functionality to your systems. For instance, a utility management program might show users how much their rates have gone down since using it, providing a valuable tracking metric.
  • Providing human-readable information:Generated reports are all standardized and easy to read for clarity and quick comprehension. No more oddly formatted data from various utility providers. Instead, developers can see everything in one succinct picture..

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