Accurate, Fast Utility Rate Data for Energy Suppliers

As energy insecurity concerns rise among the world’s population, renewable energy continues to become a conventional way of powering our everyday lives. Energy suppliers play a pivotal role in setting the standard when it comes to creating realistic and cost-effective green energy solutions.

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Energy Suppliers & Rate Data

Energy suppliers need rate data to charge the world. To make gathering this data as easy as possible, RateAcuity has created a practical electricity and natural gas database for energy suppliers. This database is complete with precise accuracy and helpful reporting features, like a user-friendly interface that can be easily integrated into existing applications. Energy suppliers need to know how their renewable products compare with traditional electricity supply from the distribution utility, as well as the associated historical rates. This rate information can help identify the best rates for company profitability and explore the power of customer incentives for making the renewable switch.

The Benefits of RateAcuity for Energy Suppliers

RateAcuity can meet many needs through productivity-boosting, accurate utility data for energy suppliers. Some of the benefits of using RateAcuity include:

  • Higher efficiency:When employees spend hours researching rate data, they’re spending their valuable time on mundane tasks. RateAcuity can provide accurate and immediate reports to employees, allowing them to focus on other, high value tasks.
  • Cost Efficiency: RateAcuity offers a high return on investment. Rather than using skilled employees’ labor costs towards gathering utility rate data, reports containing needed rates can be generated with a few clicks. Reliable and timely reports will lead to efficient business decisions. Many energy suppliers save around $9,000 annually in reduced labor costs.
  • Improved Accuracy:Inaccurate data can make or break rate research. RateAcuity maintains a data accuracy program to insure above industry standard accuracy. Through this program RateAcuity supports the critical function of energy suppliers in the transition to green energy (we consistently deliver rate-schedule accuracy of 99.99%).
  • Simple Report Generation:RateAcuity eliminates the time-consuming task of data entry. By offering data reporting for energy suppliers in a standardized, easy to comprehend format, RateAcuity saves time and provides information that’s simple to interpret.
  • Flexible Access: RateAcuity is available in an integrated application programming interface (API) or as a web portal. Energy suppliers can access data in a way that best suits their needs. RateAcuity can also be integrated into existing systems or applications to support all rate needs.

Check out our datasheet to learn more about how RateAcuity offers these benefits.

RateAcuity Data Solutions for Energy Suppliers

Between the unparalleled convenience and exceptional accuracy, RateAcuity is the ideal data solution for collecting utility data for energy supplier use. By employing expert rata analysts located within the contiguous United States, RateAcuity has the ability to ensure each client receives dedicated account management. To learn more about RateAcuity, request a free 14-day trial or contact us today.

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