Transform Data Into Powerful and Competitive Insights.

RateAcuity gives powerful insight into the electric rates from various utilities nationwide enabling you to analyze trends and patterns, report on and compare rate options and easily translate kW and kWh into dollars.

Our accurate database puts the electric rate data you need at your fingertips saving you and your staff long hours spent searching tariff documents and schedules.

Our team of experienced, onshore researchers standardizes all tariffs, riders and variations into data that is comprehensive and precise.

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North American Electric & Gas Utility Rate Data. Faster.

RateAcuity™ is the North American utility rate database. It delivers accurate, timely, and convenient access to electric and natural gas tariffs in the United States and Canada. With RateAcuity, you eliminate the time-consuming, cumbersome, error-prone process of searching for gas and electric rate schedules and tariff documents manually.

Accurate. Current. Cost-Effective.

RateAcuity is the best way to gather electricity and natural gas rates, and to compare energy tariffs. Our electricity and natural gas rate database provides North American rate data on-demand. You and your clients make decisions without the hours of labor it takes to locate this data on your own. And you save around $9,000 annually in reduced labor costs.

At RateAcuity, we’re passionate about data. Our team empowers you to make well-informed decisions, complete with the most accurate information possible (we consistently deliver rate-schedule accuracy of 99.99%). Using our database to manage utility rates and compare electric and natural gas tariffs gives you the support of this expert team alongside a robust system of tools.

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Electric & Natural Gas Utility Rate Data Analysis. Simplified.

RateAcuity is available in two formats to make electricity and natural gas tariff comparison simple.

Web Portal


Find, analyze and compare accurate, current utility tariff rate data from anywhere with just a web browser.

Integrate the latest energy tariff rate data into your existing systems, automatically.

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Reduce Risk. Lower Your Costs. Accelerate Decision Making.

RateAcuity standardizes data from multiple sources to reduce misunderstandings, prevent mistakes, and reduce your risk. Our staff of expert utility rate analysts and our 40 years of experience in dynamic data environments enable us to give you the most accurate and up-to-date North American electric and natural gas tariffs, 24/7.

Our customized energy data reporting offers substantial benefits for many industries, including utilities, energy consulting firms, energy management software firms, and EV infrastructure firms. RateAcuity has unmatched experience in providing businesses with a utility rate database that offers fast and reliable electric and natural gas tariff data, when you need it.

Our easy-to-use, responsive, web portal application sets us apart from the competition when comparing energy tariffs.

Say farewell to hours of cumbersome, error-prone, manual research. With RateAcuity’s electric and natural gas rate database, you view and analyze reports faster than ever before.

Over the past six months, RateAcuity has achieved rate schedule accuracy stats of 99.99%. With our database, you can trust that your results are correct.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our data, so you benefit from some of the most accurate, updated information out there. We even have a data accuracy program that we share publicly, for complete transparency.


RateAcuity boosts worker productivity and reduces costs that your business currently incurs by finding utility rate data on your own. You are likely to save up to $9,000 annually in reduced labor costs.


With RateAcuity, you find the data you need—sooner. Workers find data with a few clicks because of the user-friendly interface and standardized reports.

Easy Integration

Between API options and our web-based program, you use RateAcuity in whatever way works best for your company. Our Web Portal converts detailed information into a owing your new hires to use RateAcuity with minimal training.


Give your workers tasks that add value and improve company performance. Offer reports and make recommendations that are more accurate and timely. Accelerate decision making.



Over more than 40 years in the industry, RateAcuity has earned a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. We are your consultative solution provider.

Three Reasons to Choose RateAcuity

Delivering Accurate Data

Our proven process, developed over more than 40 years in the industry, enables us to deliver electric and natural gas rate data with the exacting accuracy you demand.

Exceeding Customer Needs

We take the time to understand your requirements. We research all relevant tariff documents, collect the necessary data elements, and add all needed data to our database to ensure that the data you need is optimized based on your needs.

Building Profitable Partnerships

We work with you and your team to ensure that your transition to and use of RateAcuity is seamless, and that we deliver the data your business needs to provide value for your customers.