Accurate and Fast Electricity Rate & Natural Gas Data for Energy Managers & Analysts

Energy managers and analysts offer a wide array of services to outside clients and inside customers. These can include but are in no way limited to procuring energy efficiency strategies, recommendations to reduce consumption, operational changes to enhance productivity, behavioral programs, market condition updates, and monitoring of regulatory structures.

With the many differing contexts energy rates may be used in order to facilitate business operations, one must keep in consideration the overall benefit to the organization. By using RateAcuity as the all-inclusive utility rate resource, the company will be well prepared to allocate time and resources elsewhere to surpass their goals. RateAcuity can provide accurate, easy to access and comprehend data in a timely manner, helping companies show return in dollars and cents.

Why Energy Managers and Analysts Need Electric & Natural Gas Utility Rate Data

Energy managers find themselves in a market fueled by advances in technology. If they want to stay competitive, they must leverage these benefits of technology. As one may imagine, data is a large part of making those technologies work.

With the easily accessible RateAcuity utility rate database, energy managers can quickly find assistance with:

  • Boosting Sales: With access to a prospective customer’s utility usage and integration of rate data, energy managers can effectively tailor what they are able to provide for different customers.
  • Improving Productivity: With a database full of utility rate data for energy providers, energy managers can reduce the amount of time spent manually collecting information, allocating time and effort elsewhere.
  • Improving Energy Efficiency: Energy efficient initiatives cannot happen without clear, evidence driven plans and insights. RateAcuity makes utility rate data easy to quantify, producing evidence to generate necessary reports.
  • Analyzing Historic Success & Creating Accurate Predictions: All companies must evaluate their own performance. With historic rate data companies can conduct internal audits and analyze the results as needed to judge productivity. This can also lead to accurate predictions regarding future energy operational costs..

The Benefits of RateAcuity for Energy Managers & Analysts

Readily accessible electric and natural gas rates enable energy managers and analysts to eliminate many operational challenges when in need of utility rata data as supporting evidence for any type of business endeavor. With timely, accurate, and easily accessible data on energy rates, energy managers and analysts often find they will decrease the amount of time spent on data collection. In turn, time will be allocated elsewhere, increasing performance and productivity, improving data supported decision making.

Rate Data Solutions for Energy Managers & Analysts

RateAcuity offers an electric and natural gas utility rate database with accurate data reporting for energy management (we consistently deliver rate-schedule accuracy of 99.99%). Rates are continually updated and can be integrated through an easy-to-comprehend report, and into existing software applications or websites through the RateAcuity API.

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