The RateAcuity™ API

Any area where you can boost efficiency and value is an area where you can save money for your organization. RateAcuity™ offers a powerful application programming interface (API) that allows you to integrate our database with your existing work tools or client-facing products. You can maximize productivity, add functionality to customer-facing programs, save time and do so much more with an integrated API.


How the RateAcuity™ API Works

RateAcuity’s API has several powerful features for businesses to take advantage of:

  • On-demand integrated data access: By incorporating electricity & gas data rates into your platform, employees and customers can more easily access the information they need. They won’t need to switch out of the application, collect their data and spend time re-entering it into the system. Instead, they can grab the relevant information where they need it.
  • Additional features for clients to use: By incorporating the RateAcuity API into customer-facing programming, you can provide more features and data. Whether incorporating the information into various processes or simply displaying it to the user, the API can add significant value to your program.
  • Data returns in JSON/XML formats: With versatile format options, RateAcuity can deliver information in a way that works best for your workflow.
  • Current and historic rate information: Whether you need to gather current information for market analysis or pull historic data for generating accurate forecasts, the current and historic access of RateAcuity can help. Pull information from whatever timeframe you need.


Why Use an API?

When you incorporate the RateAcuity API into your workflow or client offerings, you can experience several benefits. Our API allows you to:

  • Eliminate the need for data entry. Employees can spend less time typing and more time working on the important stuff. An API can allow them to insert the appropriate data wherever they need it directly in your work application.
  • Maximize the value of customer-facing programs and applications. Add functionality and transparency to your clients’ experiences with the API. Incorporate our accurate data however you need to for a solution that adds value to your program.
  • Get rid of repetitive rate searches and analyses. Here’s another time-saving measure — if your employees work with the same types of data day after day, you can save them a lot of time by implementing an API that automatically pulls their most relevant data into their application. Similarly, if you find that your customers commonly request certain types of data, you can provide it to them on-demand in your application.
  • Generate custom reports with the most relevant data. Generating custom reports is an essential part of the job for many organizations and employees. Make it as simple as possible with an integrated API, so workers can generate and import their reports directly within the company’s application.
  • Use the most accurate database in the nation. RateAcuity maintains a near-perfect level of accuracy, so you can trust in the results that come from our meticulously maintained database. They’re dependable and can support whatever your work entails.
  • Enjoy on-demand data at the push of a button. In addition to the time savings earned from eliminating data entry, you can also reduce how long employees and clients must spend performing manual research. We’ve already collected rates from across the country, so you don’t have to. Workers and customers can call up the data they need quickly and in-app with a custom API.


Learn More About our Electric and Gas Utility Rates API Today

RateAcuity grants access to the most accurate database in the country, so you and your clients can work quickly and confidently with the information we provide. The API provides seamless integration into your existing workflow or application and is an excellent way to speed up data collection.

To learn more about the RateAcuity API, contact us today. You can also start a 14-day free trial to see it in action.

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