Data for Equipment Suppliers

Electric meter and equipment suppliers make it possible for businesses to communicate their utility usage with their energy providers. As electricity enters a building, the meter keeps track of it and, in some cases, when it is used. At some point, often once a month, this data gets transmitted to the energy provider, who then uses it to charge the customer accordingly.

There are many ways to use electricity rate data, but every meter supplier needs to know they’re working with accurate, easy-to-read information — that’s where RateAcuity comes in.

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How Do Meter and Equipment Suppliers Use Utility Rate Data?

Electric meters and equipment are becoming more advanced, with cloud-based tracking and smart meters. Electricity rate data for meter suppliers can have many uses, from developing new products to gauging the success of existing ones or predicting the demands that their meters must accommodate.

For example, many energy providers have off-peak hours during which they offer cheaper rates. Not all meters have this capability, and it may be an important market for a supplier to consider. Market research is often necessary to determine the viability, and rate data for energy equipment suppliers can make this kind of research possible.


The Benefits of Readily Available Utility Rate Data for Meter and Equipment Suppliers

Of course, not all data is created equal. When conducting research and analyses, meter and equipment suppliers need data that is accurate and easy to understand. Convenience and speed are also essential features if they want to save money and provide the most value to their business and clients.

RateAcuity can do all that and more, with benefits like:

  • Higher productivity levels: If employees can get their data quickly, with just a few clicks, they can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time focusing on clients and products.
  • Cost savings: RateAcuity offers a high return on investment, in part due to the increase in efficiency. It’s also convenient and can provide peace of mind that you’re working with accurate, trustworthy data. With these benefits, you can make business decisions quickly, with all the necessary information right in front of you.
  • Easy access: With options for an integrated application programming interface (API) or access to a web portal, RateAcuity is available when you need it and how you need it.
  • High accuracy: RateAcuity maintains a high level of accuracy and consistent monitoring, so you can be confident that your information is up to date. We even keep an ongoing data accuracy program for full transparency.

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RateAcuity Data Solutions for Meter Suppliers

Trustworthy data is essential for meter and energy equipment suppliers. Whether they’re developing products or researching impacts, demands and market behavior, data solutions for meter suppliers can make the tasks faster, easier and more cost-effective. Fortunately, RateAcuity is built with these goals in mind and provides powerful reporting features and an easy-to-use interface alongside accurate and continuously updated data.

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