What Is Smart Rate Design?

How Does Rate Design Effect You?

Rate design is a major influence on your business’s consumption and investment decisions regarding demand response, energy efficiency and energy generation. In an ever-fluctuating market, your energy prices must reflect the true economic costs of the energy you receive. With the right rate design, you can even enhance your business’s environmental performance and production capabilities. Every day, more businesses move from a simple rate to tiered, time-varying and demand-based rate structures to gain new advantages. Learn more about rate design with RateAcuity.


How Do Utilities and Regulators Set Prices for Electricity and Energy Design?

With electric rates, the price you pay encompasses far more than just the cost of the electricity itself. Utility companies and regulators factor in the expense of aspects such as — but not limited to — fuels, construction, transmission, regulations and even weather conditions. At the end of the day, most utility companies and regulators use the following pricing metrics for their energy services:

  • Simple fixed rates: As the name implies, simple rates are straightforward to calculate and consist of a flat rate based on kilowatts per hour ($/kWh) that a business or residence uses.
  • Tiered/step rates: Tiered rates are subject to change depending on the amount of energy used and frequently encourage more energy conservation.
  • Timed-varying rates: These rates depend entirely on the time of day, usually peaking in midday and falling at night.
  • Demand-based rates: Demand-based rates are comparative and depend on the peak demand of electricity across multiple patrons.
  • Seasonal rates: Seasonal rates are optimal for those who do not use their facility year-round, which may apply to businesses like rental homes, pools, tourist centers and even agricultural facilities.
  • Holiday rates: These rates that peak on holidays and weekends are among some of the few residential rate structures offered by modern utilities.


How Can the Customers and Utilities Benefit From Optimized Rate Design?

Despite the allure of simple fixed rates, many businesses benefit from optimized rate design based on timing, demand and even seasons. But how is your business supposed to find the most advantageous optimized rate design? With RateAcuity, you’ll find the right rate with the following features:

  • Fast research process
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Up-to-date informational insights
  • Reliable and trustworthy results

With the insights gleaned from RateAcuity’s interface, you can determine whether your operation really does benefit from simple fixed rates or could get more from an energy program that uses demand-based, timed-varying, seasonal rates or more. Optimize your rate design with RateAcuity.


The RateAcuity Database Advantage

At RateAcuity, our web portals and application programming interfaces give you the data necessary to analyze your energy consumption and shop for the best rates possible. We provide you with accurate, reliable and up-to-date insights in easy-to-understand language and with visualizations. Regardless of whether you need an integrated API interface or want to see your info from anywhere in the world, we have your back.

If you’re ready to transform your business’s energy rates and use your energy trend insights to make great change, contact RateAcuity today.

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