Rate Database for System Integrators

System integrators have a complex job in front of them. These professionals bring together many different forms of energy generation and delivery to create a cohesive system. Optimizing different types of energy across small-scale and large-scale pathways requires a thorough understanding of costs, usage rates and delivery information on various utilities.

A system integrator might work with thermal and electrical energy as well as fuel systems, but one significant task that often falls to system integrators is incorporating renewable energy sources into the existing pathways. Regardless of the energy format they’re working with, system integrators need plenty of data on those topics that they can convert into actionable insights and changes.

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When to Use Rate Data

Data is a key part of the work that system integrators do and can lead to important, beneficial changes to an energy system. Rate data might tell a system integrator how average energy consumption changes throughout the year or how effective utility incentives are at decreasing usage during peak times. The applications of rate data on energy analysis include tasks in:

  • Solar and wind integrations
  • Building design and integration
  • Fuel cells and fueling systems
  • Electrolyzers
  • Hybrid and electric vehicle grid integrations
  • Grid planning and operations
  • Smart grid technology development
  • Energy storage

Whatever the application, system integrators may need to work with historical data or generate forecasts. All information must be accurate and up to date.


The Benefits of On-Demand Rate Data for Energy Systems Integration

To support the versatile needs of this profession, we’ve developed RateAcuity, a system that provides electricity and gas rate data for energy system integrators. With on-demand rate data, system integrators can:

  • Spend less time gathering data. With such a wide-reaching job ahead of them, the time it takes to collect information can quickly add up. Reduce manual research time with a system that’s already done the heavy lifting for you. System integrators can pull rate data quickly and easily.
  • Eliminate manual data entry. Rote data entry isn’t the best use of time for skilled and highly paid system integrators. Through features like report generation, quick access and on-demand data, system integrators can get to work quickly, with little to no data entry required.
  • Generate understandable, comprehensive reports. RateAcuity offers simple, standardized report generation for a quick collection of data in one place. Reports are easy to share and can be delivered in JSON or XML formats.
  • Access data within their workflow. With several easy-to-use delivery options, system integrators can incorporate their rate data with their workflow in a way that’s convenient for them.

A rate database can greatly improve efficiency and make the job easier on system integrators.


Data Solutions for Energy System Integrators

RateAcuity is run by rate analysts and takes full advantage of over 40 years of experience in dynamic data environments. System integrators can expect some of the most accurate and up-to-date information available. In fact, we maintain a data accuracy program and have a 99.999% accuracy rating as our six-month average.

In addition to ensuring accurate rate data for energy system integrators, we also work to make sure RateAcuity is easy to use. It’s available in two different formats: a web portal and an application programming interface (API) that can be integrated into an existing application.

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