From Flame to Fission: The Evolution of Energy Production

  Lightning strikes. A resounding crash echoes through the forest, and a flaming crack splits the length of a towering Oak. As the tree burns and the animals flee, a solitary figure strides hesitantly forward out of the darkness. The figure, cold and shivering, carefully approaches the burning tree and reaches out his hand to... Continue reading

Time of Use Rates and EV Charging

Even though many industries struggled in 2020, Electric Vehicles have managed to increase their market share of new car sales around the world. In the United States, EV sales rose 9.9%. In the UK, EV sales tripled even though car sales as a whole declined to the lowest since 1992. Most impressively, 54% of Norway’s... Continue reading

RateAcuity Customer Spotlight

Several of RateAcuity’s customers work as Energy Consultants, filling a vital role for many businesses with their expertise on the energy industry. They work to help companies reduce their utility costs by analyzing market trends and rate fluctuations, and they can achieve substantial savings for their clients. Energy Edge and Burton Energy Group are two... Continue reading

Forecasts and Trends for Electricity Rates in 2021

Electricity rates are partially dependent on which of various energy sources, such as oil, gas, coal or nuclear and renewable sources, are used to generate power in your area. Electricity rate trends can vary greatly depending on region or state. For example, Idaho has low retail rates because much of the state’s energy is generated... Continue reading

What Is a Kilowatt-Hour (kWh)?

The term kilowatt-hour commonly arises in conversations about electricity. While this unit of measurement is used every day in the utilities industry, many people are unsure of what it is and how it works. So, what exactly is a kilowatt-hour? A kWh is a unit of measurement that is equal to the use of 1,000... Continue reading

Data Accuracy Errors

As I mentioned in my previous post regarding beginning the RateAcuity data accuracy program, we know no one is perfect and errors in the RateAcuity database will be discovered. Unfortunately, some errors have already been found. Having a customer find errors in the RateAcuity database has caused me some sleepless nights, but I want to... Continue reading

Why Electricity Prices Fluctuate

Anyone who’s compared their energy bills knows that electricity prices can fluctuate from month to month. But why is that? And what determines electricity prices in the first place? The cost of energy fluctuates so much that prices actually update by the minute, and you can find significant differences across locations. For instance, state electricity profiles... Continue reading

Commercial Energy Management Trends

Commercial Energy Management Trends In the business world, it’s essential to manage your energy consumption carefully so you can streamline your budget and implement sustainable practices. Staying informed about commercial energy management trends and taking advantage of available data can help you do so. The Importance of Commercial Energy Management  Why is it so important... Continue reading

RateAcuity Data Accuracy Program

In my last post I mentioned starting a tracking program so we can report our data accuracy to our customers and potential customers.  I am excited to share with you that our program is underway!  There were quite a few details to take into consideration when designing our accuracy program. Luckily for us we were... Continue reading

RateAcuity Data Quality

I have mentioned the critical importance of data quality in a few of my recent posts.  This post is going to take a deeper dive into data quality.  Why is data quality so important?  According to Tom Redman (“the Data Doc), “Better data means fewer mistakes, lower costs, better decisions, and better products”.  In fact,... Continue reading