RateAcuity Customer Spotlight

Several of RateAcuity’s customers work as Energy Consultants, filling a vital role for many businesses with their expertise on the energy industry. They work to help companies reduce their utility costs by analyzing market trends and rate fluctuations, and they can achieve substantial savings for their clients. Energy Edge and Burton Energy Group are two such groups that have both used RateAcuity to meet their clients’ needs. They rely on our highly accurate, understandable, and standardized reports to effectively analyze market trends and help their clients secure the best savings. Read on to see how their strategies have paid off.

Flexible Energy Procurement Plan from Energy Edge

Energy Edge is a customer of Rate Acuity that provides a variety of energy management and advisory services, including Energy Procurement, Renewable Energy Consulting, and Energy Risk Management, among others. In 2012, they put their expertise to work for a petrochemical provider in Texas that provides raw materials for consumer goods. Electricity Costs are one of their highest expenses, so they worked with Energy Edge to develop a longer-term strategy to meet their energy needs at a lower and more stable cost. After meeting with the stakeholders within the company, Energy Edge helped to secure a 10-year power contract that included third-party supply options. With this contract structure, their client enjoys fixed prices for all non-commodity costs, and is able to purchase wholesale power from third parties. Using market analyses, Energy Edge has continued to advise their client on when to place hedges and helped to achieve over $2 million in energy savings. See more in their case study linked here.

Burton Energy Group Secures Long-Term Price Certainty

Burton Energy Group is another of our customers that works to reduce their client’s energy costs. They specialize in Strategic Assessment, Energy and Water Conservation, and Budgeting and Forecasting. In Pennsylvania, they were hired by a retirement community to help manage their electric supply spend. Their goals included long-term budget certainty, with limited risk, while saving as much as possible for their senior citizens living on fixed incomes. Burton was able to save them 6% in 2015 by using their market expertise to conduct an RFP and get the most competitive offers. Burton continued to monitor market fluctuations and helped their client seize the opportunity to lock in additional 15% year-over-year savings when prices hit a multi-year low. Their case study is linked here with more information.

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