Why Is My Client’s Electric Bill Going Up?

Increasing Electricity Bill?

There are plenty of reasons your client’s electricity bill may be increasing. While they can take action to lower their rate consistently, the first step is figuring out why the bill has jumped. 

To help your clients start saving money, we’ve identified several causes of high household power usage and what consumers can do to lower their rate of use.


What Causes a High Electric Bill

Several factors can cause an electric bill to increase:

  • Unnecessary charging time for devices: Keeping your computer or phone plugged in all night can lead to an unusually high electric bill.
  • Inadequate insulation: Drafty attic spaces and old windows can also drive up costs. 
  • Vampire appliances: Even if they are not in use, devices that stay plugged in all day continue to suck energy.
  • Running appliances that are not filled to capacity: Your washing machine and dishwasher, when not filled to maximum capacity, may be the culprit behind your unusually high bill.
  • Light bulbs: Traditional light bulbs may be to blame for excessive energy expenditure. 
  • Extreme weather: Drastic weather or temperature changes can impel you to turn up or down the thermostat.


How to Help Your Clients Reduce Their Electricity Bills

As an energy management software company, an energy auditor or a building efficiency company looking to reduce your client’s utility costs, you want to provide the highest quality energy services that will protect against inherent risks. 

To help energy users reduce energy consumption, save money and better manage and understand their energy needs, you will need to gather reliable, up-to-date information. 

With the RateAcuity™ electric schedule database, you can forecast electric utility returns, access custom electric rate data reports, compare electric rate options, integrate data into your software and analyze patterns and trends. The database helps you compare historical prices, energy prices, electric rates and utility tariffs to help clients save money. 

With this database, you can:

  • Access reliable data: With over four decades of dynamic data experience, RateAcuity knows how to find trustworthy information and relay it to your customers and employees. 
  • Receive standardized reports: Your employees are less likely to make mistakes with standardized reports. They can enjoy easy-to-read formatting and understand what they’re looking at with the RateAcuity™ electric schedule database. 
  • Improve productivity: Save your employees hours of searching for rate data. This powerful database can help your team turn research into cold, hard numbers, from supporting complex analyses to finding rates. Enjoy access to information that allows for the identification of the real-world effects of electricity rates and usage.


How Can RateAcuity Help You Monitor Your Payments for Energy Services?

RateAcuity delivers reliable data for businesses, helping you monitor your clients‘ monthly electricity bills. The RateAcuity™ database can help you save time and money when finding the right data for your needs. 


Reduce Your Clients’ Monthly Electricity Bills With an Easy-to-Use Utility Reporting Database

RateAcuity helps you offer current, accurate data to consumers with an easy-to-use interface. If you’re interested in learning more about our electric schedule database, contact us today.


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