VA – Columbia Gas of Virginia

Case: PUR-2022-00036
Initial Filing Date: 5/2/2022
Summary: 12.37% Residential, 13.14% SGS1, 7.92% SGS2, 5.83% SGS3
Effective Date: 10/1/2022
Status: Pending
Type: Gas

Columbia Gas of Virginia filed an application on April 29, 2022 for authority to increase their rates and charges designed to increase the non-gas base revenues of Columbia Gas or Virginia by approximately $58.2 million per year.  The Company’s proposed rates will result in an increase to the typical monthly bill for a residential customer of approximately 12.37%, inclusive of SAVE recovery.  For small general service customers, the typical monthly bill based on average usage will increase by approximately 13.14% for SGS1 customers, 7.92% for SGS2 customers, and 5.83% for SGS3 customers.  Rates are to become effective October 1, 2022.

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