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As I mentioned in my last post, KFR Services is the parent company of RateAcuity.  The inclusion of “services” in our name is not something that we take lightly.  First and foremost, RateAcuity is a data services company.  More about what a data services company means in a future post, though.  Just as important as being a data services company, we view the word “services” in our name as an indicator of the world-class customer service and support we strive to provide our customers in all our divisions.

Each of KFR’s divisions handles customer service a little differently.  For RateAcuity, any inquiries, needs and questions initially come to me.  Although I engage my team to assist with these requests, I want them to come to me first because I am a caretaker at heart.  I want to make sure that our customers and potential customers receive everything they need as quickly as possible and we continue to build meaningful relationships with these contacts. 

One of the things that we believe sets RateAcuity apart from other data companies is our unique perspective that “customer needs drive all we do”.  What does this phrase mean as we go about managing the RateAcuity data and planning new enhancements?  When we are planning tasks, special projects and platform enhancements we ask ourselves: “What is most important to our customers?”, “What will help our customers the most?”, and “How will this provide our customers what they need?”  I stop and ask myself these types of questions daily as I juggle multiple priorities throughout the day.  By thinking with this mindset, we are always trying to put the customer first and letting customer needs drive the decisions we make.

I encourage others to adopt this mindset and let a customer focus help guide decisions on a regular basis.

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