Accessing National Electricity Rates to Optimize Your Energy Management Programs – Webinar Q&A Session Transcript (Part 3)

The presenter, Stephanie Fetchen has compiled and expanded on her answers to the questions that came in during the Q&A session. All those answers can be found below, and if you have any further questions or would like to get in contact with Stephanie regarding Rate Acuity, electricity rates, or any other programs please contact her via email at:

  • Texas has retail delivery rates and wholesale delivery rates; do you support both?

No, we just support retail delivery rate.

  • Do you include blended rates?

My understanding of what customers or people in the industry mean by blended rates is kind of like an average of rates across a utility, or across a customer classification. And no, if that is what you are meaning, we do not include the blended rates. We include the specific rates that would apply to a customer, on a specific rate schedule in a specific utility.

  • Do you collect only the utility rates or do you collect both utility and supplier rates where published for SME sites?

We do not collect the suppliers rate. We only collect the utility rate.

  • Could you share some examples on predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics is a huge undertaking. And it is kind of a catchphrase for a lot of things. We really don’t provide predictive analytics per se. What we provide is the data, utility rate schedules, historically through current rates so that our customers can try to apply logic to that information and do their own predictive analysis.

  • The blended rates that the previous question was referring to are the rates that change by the hour or minute. Is it possible to generate blended rates from those rate schedules?

It may be possible and that would be something that we would have to look into further. It would require some research and it is not something we are working on right now. Anything that’s hourly or by the minute we do not have in the database at this point.

  • How often, if ever, do you see utility companies combining time of use rate schedules with something like a block or tiered rate schedule?

I think it happens fairly often. I really can’t quantify that, but we do see quite a few, especially if we want to consider time of use broken out by season. We definitely see quite of few having a block rate schedule with one set of rates for winter versus a different set of rates for summer. There are some that have varying time of use rates within a day. I realize that is kind of generic answer. So, if you need more specific information about that we could certainly look at it further and get you specifics about where that might happen or how often that happens.

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