KFR Announces Enhancements to its RateAcuity™ Electricity Rates Portal

RateAcuity now enables access of historical electric power rates information through a customized API

SUMMERVILLE, South Carolina–KFR Services announced key enhancements to its proprietary RateAcuity portal that specializes in delivering electricity rates to its Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers. The enhancements to the RateAcuity electric power rates database now include archival features enabling access of historical electric power rates information which was not previously available through its API.

In making the announcement, Stephanie Fetchen, Co-President, KFR Services said, “Based on customer requests, we began archiving historical electric power rate information.  While historical information has been available in reports for our RateAcuity web portal customers for some time, it was not previously available for access through the API. KFR’s RateAcuity customers can now request all historical information in the RateAcuity database by rate schedule. Also, customers can request  rate information for a rate schedule as of a specific date and be provided all of the rates for that schedule from the date requested forward through time.”

Additionally, Fetchen said, “With this new enhanced feature, our C&I customers can now access historical information through the API, which will enable our customers to perform more in-depth analysis of changing electric power rates over a period of time.”

KFR’s RateAcuity portal is specifically designed to provide accurate electric power rate information compiled from tariffs and schedules from electric utilities across the country. For a limited period, KFR is offering 14-day risk-free trial of its RateAcuity™ portal. Simply go to https://rateacuity.com/14-day-free-trial/ to request login credentials.

About KFR Services

Since 1975, KFR Services, Inc., has produced the highest quality data for telecommunications service providers throughout the country. The nation’s largest service providers use our databases to rate billions of calls each month at 99.999% accuracy (3 year average). RateAcuity™ was launched in 2016 to deliver the same reliable platform perfected by KFR Services, Inc., in the telecommunications sector for clients with a need for electric rate data. KFR Services’ RateAcuity™ platform gives powerful insight into electric rates from various utilities nationwide, enabling you to: analyze trends and patterns, report on and compare rate options, and easily incorporate data into your own software tool. The RateAcuity™ electric rate database can be accessed via API for seamless integration into existing applications or via web portal for self-service searches and report generation.

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