Happy New Year

Welcome to 2016!

As we enter a New Year we are greeted by an onslaught of predictions for the New Year, along with an equal number of articles that offer us a look back at the key topics for 2015.   I find it enlightening and interesting to read these articles as I prepare for the New Year.
The energy industry is and will continue to be in a state of change – this we all know without having to look at predictions.  But, with 2015 behind us and 2016 ahead of us, I was interested in what industry leaders may note of relevance from the past year and what they envision being the focus in 2016. The Paris ClimateTalks, the Clean Power Plan and the extension of tax credits for solar and wind were some of the headlines that dominated the news in 2015. What is predicted to be the news in 2016?

I often read Allen Greenberg’s post at http://www.energybiz.com/. He recently shared his predictions based on a few pre-Holiday interviews he did with a few industry leaders. You can read the full article here,  https://energycentral.com/o/energybiz/power-predictions-2016.  Quick summary. The thought leaders he interviewed anticipate and forecast a big year for utility-owned grid storage, that more environmentalists (for some a complete about-face) concerned about carbon emissions will openly endorse nuclear power and that gas prices will remain low.

Those are just a few of the predictions for news that will impact the energy industry this year.  I look forward to an exciting year and wish all of you a successful 2016!

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