Now that the election is over, scientists and environmentalists around the country are trying to discern how a Trump presidency will affect the energy sector. It’s tough to make any calls at this stage. After all, what someone says on the campaign trail doesn’t always match what they execute in office! One thing is clear:... Continue reading

Trump vs. Clinton: The Future of U.S. Energy Policy

After months and months of political ads, debates, news reports and projections, the election is only a week away. Regardless of where you stand, one thing is clear: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take very different stances when it comes to energy. As our energy usage evolves, RateAcuity can help you stay on track with... Continue reading

The Sun, The Energy Grid and Politics

Prior to working for a company that provides electric rate data to companies in the energy industry including utilities and solar energy providers, I had no idea that the sun, the energy grid and politics would share headlines and airtime in important conversations.  But I have learned that each often appear alongside each other in... Continue reading

RateAcuity™ Helps You Embrace Change

I recently read a blog written by Jack Uldrich titled, 39 Things That Should Keep Up Every Utility Executive At Night. The blog post was written in 2013, but the 39 things he listed as sleep busters, I would bet are probably still the top reasons in 2016 for sleep loss among many in our industry... Continue reading

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2016! As we enter a New Year we are greeted by an onslaught of predictions for the New Year, along with an equal number of articles that offer us a look back at the key topics for 2015.   I find it enlightening and interesting to read these articles as I prepare for the... Continue reading