What Affects Natural Gas Prices?

Factors Affecting Natural Gas Pricing Many factors can influence the fluctuations of natural gas prices. Understanding what affects these changes is critical to helping your customers make informed decisions and invest in the best energy sources. At RateAcuity, we offer extensive data resources and trusted information to keep your company up-to-date on pricing, usage, and other... Continue reading

Natural Gas vs. Electricity Cost

Natural Gas vs. Electric Cost Comparison Is gas or electricity cheaper? Energy suppliers need industry-specific data to identify the best solutions for their unique requirements and keep their consumers informed. As a third party that helps your customers manage their energy use and options, you do too. When you partner with RateAcuity, we provide essential... Continue reading

Demand charge increases

Demand Charges: What Are They?

Demand Charges Explained: What Are They, and How Do They Work? Understanding the basics of energy billing is the first step to properly managing your facility’s energy usage. Commercial electricity bills consist of more than the total energy expenditure over a set billing cycle — they also include demand charges.  In certain rate classes, territories... Continue reading

Are Unlimited Electricity Plans Worth It?

Unlimited Energy Deals Powering end users’ operations and keeping their processes running smoothly is a priority for energy suppliers. Many energy providers now offer unlimited energy tariff options to fit their customers’ unique energy needs. Is an unlimited electricity plan a good solution for energy customers’ needs? You’ll want to consider some key factors to evaluate... Continue reading

What Is Smart Rate Design?

How Does Rate Design Effect You? Rate design is a major influence on your business’s consumption and investment decisions regarding demand response, energy efficiency and energy generation. In an ever-fluctuating market, your energy prices must reflect the true economic costs of the energy you receive. With the right rate design, you can even enhance your... Continue reading

What Can You Expect For the Natural Gas Cost Per Therm?

Natural Gas Cost Per Therm Energy suppliers must ensure they efficiently use natural gas resources to meet end users’ needs. Natural gas costs per therm vary based on factors such as location, so you’ll need to know how these entities measure usage and bill their customers to determine resource costs. If you need to provide critical... Continue reading

Why is Power Quality Important?

Power Quality in Electrical Systems  Power quality designates electric power’s quality status. The term refers to the electric power that drives an electrical device and the device’s corresponding ability to function with that power. Power flow should remain within specified frequency and voltage tolerances and adopt a pure sinusoidal waveform. Because no real-life power source... Continue reading

What is Utility Bill Management?

Utility Bill Management From variable rates to tiered systems, utility bills can be complicated and vary wildly from month to month. That’s why it’s essential to always have your latest utility bill information up to date and presented in an easy-to-understand interface that helps you examine trends between months, curb your energy usage and reduce... Continue reading

Inaccurate Utility Bills Hurt Your Business

Why Are Your Utility Bills Inaccurate? When measuring the amount of energy your facilities use, it can be challenging to ensure the quantity you’re being billed for is correct. Between the massive amount of energy most businesses require to sustain themselves and the energy industry’s ever-changing rates, it almost feels as if utility rates are... Continue reading

Using Smart Energy Meters Over Analog Meters

Smart Energy Meters Smart meters enable customers to manage energy usage more proactively and a utility to provide a detailed analysis of customer’s energy use at different times of the day. More than 115 million smart meters are forecasted to be installed in the United States by December 2021, with 94.8 million already installed as of 2019.   What Is... Continue reading