Analyzing Current and Historical Electricity Rate and Consumption Data for Optimum Energy Management

Electricity costs are a major factor in today’s business landscape — whether you are running a hotel or managing an industrial facility. Commercial and Industrial (C&I) organizations in the U.S. spend an estimated $130 billion on electricity every year. In order to analyze and optimize electricity costs, it is essential for energy managers to be able to accurately and conveniently obtain electricity rates.  KFR Services, through its RateAcuity™ portal, specializes in collecting and delivering electricity rates to its clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. RateAcuity is specifically designed for easy integration into platforms with advanced modeling and tariff engines which allow end users make better decisions on rate selection and overall energy management. 

In this informative webinar, Stephanie Fetchen from KFR Services will present an overview of RateAcuity and specifically discuss how this proprietary platform provides accurate electric power rate information compiled from tariffs and schedules from electric utilities across the country. Recent market trends in electric power rates, focusing on Commercial & Industrial customers with monthly demand of up to 1,000 kW will also be addressed.

Key topics covered will include:

  • Historical Analysis & Trends in Electric Power Rates by Region and State
  • Delivered Electric Power Rates ($/kWh Across Different Geographies Nationwide)
  • Breaking Down the Rate Structure – Trends & Analysis
    • Demand Charges (Generation, Transmission & Distribution Analysis)
    • Energy Charges (Time-Adjusted)
    • Bundled vs Unbundled Rates
    • On-Peak vs Off-Peak Rates
    • Competitive Rate Structure Analysis
  • How RateAcuity easily integrates electricity rate data into existing applications and reports using API
  • Shifting usage patterns to minimize energy expenditures
  • How RateAcuity can help you with electricity rate information and predictive analytics
  • Future Areas of Research
    • Individual Application Data (Load vs Cost/kWh vs Demand Charge, etc.)
    • Individual C&I Segment Analysis

Attendees can ask questions during the Q&A session of the webinar. Register today to secure your spot in this free webinar!

Who Should Attend:

  • Commercial & Industrial Segment Managers of Energy Companies
  • Energy Management Service Companies
  • Energy Management Software Companies
  • Industry Consultants
  • Commercial & Industrial Power Consumers


Co-president Stephanie photo

Stephanie Fetchen 

Stephanie Fetchen began her career in 1991 as a programmer at KFR Services. Currently, she directs all oversight of software development activities; including program specification and design, scheduling, coding and testing. She also developed and champions the data quality program that has enabled accuracy exceeding 99.98% for product delivered to customers.