Help Your Customers Harness the Power of Energy Arbitrage

RateAcuity solutions for solar-plus-storage solution providers

As a company in the solar-plus-storage space, you are in the ROI business. You exist to help companies use technology to maximize the return on investment from their solar energy infrastructure.

Since, most utilities charge more for power during peak times, this creates an opportunity for companies that generate electricity with solar. Through energy arbitrage, energy created on-site can be sold back to the grid when prices are highest.

But to truly help your customers take advantage of energy arbitrage, you must have accurate, timely electricity rate data. You can only predict costs, forecast ROI and improve performance for your customers when your utility rate data is precise and up to date.

This is where RateAcuity comes in. RateAcuity gives you access to a database of nationwide electric utility rates. Our Web Poratl and API give you the latest electric utility rate datasets on demand. You get highly accurate, easy-to-use information precisely when you need it.

Solar, Plus Storage, Plus RateAcuity

RateAcuity gives your team a faster, better way to access the electricity rate data your customers need to capitalize on energy arbitrage.


If the rate data you use for your forecasts is not accurate, it could have severe consequences for your customers. Fortunately, RateAcuity’s electric databases are highly accurate, making them a trusted information source.


RateAcuity’s products provide a high return on investment. The money your team saves by using RateAcuity instead of manually searching for utility rate documents, locating needed rate components and entering them into your systems easily covers the RateAcuity subscription fee.


As the pace of change in utility tariffs increases, electric data must constantly be monitored and updated to remain up to date. Your RateAcuity team continually monitors utility documents and websites to make necessary changes to our database as quickly as possible.

Easy to Use Web Portal

Generate reports on any electric utility schedule on demand. Create easy-to-read, standardized reports that you download to Excel for ease of use.

Easy Integration

Integrate electric rate data directly within your own systems. This is a great option when you have large volumes of energy rate data needs.

Unparalleled Support

Have a question about rates? Or detailed technical implementation questions? We engage with you before you sign, as you begin implementation, and on-going

Ready for the better way to leverage electricity rate data for your solar-plus-storage solutions?