RateAcuity™ ROI

Reduce recurring annual costs by $5,400 and benefit from improved accuracy—with nationwide electric and natural gas rates data from RateAcuity.

Want to reduce your costs by 75% on a recurring basis?

When it comes to finding electric and natural gas rates listed in tariffs and schedules from electric utilities across the country, there’s the Do-It-Yourself Method, and there’s the RateAcuity method.

To be specific, doing it yourself costs you an average of $600 a month while RateAcuity costs you just $150 a month. Which means RateAcuity is 75% less expensive than doing it yourself. And faster. And more accurate. Which enables your employees to focus on performing higher-value activities.

We’ve done the math so you don’t have to

Using our nationwide electricity and natural gas rate database saves you an average $5,400 annually.

Hours needed to locate and do data entry for one schedule* 1
Number of schedules needed per month 20
Total hours per month 20
Fully loaded cost per hour for one employee $30
Total monthly cost of doing this work yourself $600
Total monthly cost of using RateAcuity instead $150
Total recurring monthly savings of using RateAcuity $450
Total recurring annual savings of using RateAcuity $5400
Savings by using RateAcuity versus doing it yourself 75%
* Source: in-depth, industry interviews.

Ready for a better ROI when accessing rate data?