RateAcuity Makes it Easier for You to Help Your Customers

RateAcuity’s accurate database of nationwide electric rates can help empower energy management solutions in many ways. We help you:

  • Simplify electric bill audits and invoice validation.
  • Provide accurate analysis of the most cost-effective utility schedules for your customer to minimize non-commodity charges.
  • Easily isolate the supply components of utility rate schedules in areas with retail choice.

RateAcuity provides current and historical electric rates for all US and Canadian utilities in one place, in a standardized reporting format. You’ll gain hours back in your day when you are not wasting time searching for specific documents and having to interpret each individually.

The newly developed RateAcuity supply charges report makes the comparison with alternate supply options simple. By accessing our easy to interpret reports of available options, you’ll be able to easily determine the best schedule for each of your customer locations.

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RateAcuity’s benefits are wide-reaching and apply to businesses across the energy industry. Start boosting your productivity and maximize savings with a powerful electricity rate database. Call us at 843-879-5031 or start your 14-day free trial to learn more!

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