Virginia passes legislation joining list of states committing to clean or renewable energy

More states are proposing and passing legislation to impose 100% clean energy. In February, Virginia became the most recent state adding to the growing list committing to 100% clean energy.  Virginia joins California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Washington and Wisconsin, along with U.S. territories Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico

Electric Generation in the US

By Megan Geherin America isn’t generating electricity the way it did two decades ago. Recently natural gas has passed coal as the country’s leading source of electric generation. Renewables such as wind and solar have also made small but quick gains. However, each state has its own position with regards to the mix of electric

Growing Renewable Generation Causing Changes in Generation Charges

Electricity prices for customers with rates that vary by time are typically highest when demand is highest. Increased demand requires additional energy generation, which is traditionally provided by less efficient peaker plants that cost more to generate electricity than base load plants. In most areas, these demand peaks occur during the summer months in the

Is Electric Retail Choice Working?

Yes, or maybe? I thought it would be simple to answer this question, but it turns out it really is not. To determine if electric retail choice is working, we first need to determine what it was intended to do.  The most frequent answer is to reduce electricity bills. So, is electric retail choice reducing

Analyzing Current and Historical Electricity Rate and Consumption Data for Optimum Energy Management – Webinar Q&A Session Transcript

The presenter, Stephanie Fetchen has compiled and expanded on her answers to the questions that came in during the Q&A session. All those answers can be found below, and if you have any further questions or would like to get in contact with Stephanie regarding Rate Acuity, electricity rates, or any other programs please contact

Accessing national electricity rates is key to optimizing energy management programs – Power Engineering

Stephanie Fetchen’s article in Power Engineering discusses how electricity costs are a major factor in today’s business landscape and how accessing national electricity rates is key to optimizing energy management programs.