CO – Xcel

Case: 20AL-0432E
Initial Filing Date: 10/19/2020
Summary: R: 6.65%, C: 0.15%, SG: -4.05%, PG: -2.58%, TG: -6.52%
Effective Date: 9/9/2021
Status: Pending
Type: Electric

Xcel Energy has filed a petition with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies requesting a reallocation of their existing annual revenue requirement of $1.83 billion to be redistributed across their already existing customer classes. Effective September 9th, 2021, these new rates will affect all customers taking service in the state of Colorado.  

To see how this change will affect the average customer’s monthly bill, the full document can be viewed here, or you can view an excerpt below:

Additionally, to view the entire docket for this rate case, the case summary and all other submitted documents can be found here on the Commission’s website.

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