CO – Atmos Energy

Case: 22AL-0348G
Initial Filing Date: 8/5/2022
Summary: Residential: 7.7% North, 8.7% Southeast, 9.1% Southwest ; Commercial: 0.5% North, 0.6% Southeast, 0.6% Southwest; Irrigation: 0.5%; Transportation: 2.1%
Effective Date:  5/13/2023
Status: Settled
Type: Gas

On 8/5/2022, Atmos Energy Corporation filed a rate increase request with the Public Utilities Commission of Colorado. If approved, will result in an increase to the Company’s annual revenues by the amount of $7,681,233, or approximately 4.57%, based on the twelve months ended March 31, 2022. The proposed change in base rates will provide the Company with a means to recover the increased cost of investing in and operating the Company’s gas distribution system. The Company has invested approximately $50.4 million, exclusive of System Safety and Integrity Rider (“SSIR”), in its natural gas delivery system since the last filed cost of service increase based on a historic test year ending March 31, 2022. Additionally, the Company’s proposal includes a five-year extension of the SSIR which will allow the Company to recover the costs associated with various pipeline safety and integrity projects.

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